About us

Vivagro EOOD is established in 2010, with its headquarters in the village of Tsalapitsa, Rhodopi Municipality by the Manager Iliya Todorov Gangov, and its main business is production of agricultural products (wheat, sunflower, barley).

In the beginning, he starts off with fully leased arable land with total area of 1000 decares on the territory of the village of Stroevo. His persistence and passion for agricultural work gave the Manager an insatiable desire to develop and expand in this industry. Over the next 4 years, the farm expanded by renting agricultural land in other areas as well.

Currently, the farm cultivates about 10 times more land. The company works continuously for the modernization of the farm, investing in the purchase of modern machinery and equipment.

Along with the management and production of cereal and oil crops, in 2018 the company also started production of vegetables, in particular the production of tomatoes for canning.
The company also focuses on the production and trade of corn silage, hayage, alfalfa and straw.

It also provides all kinds of agricultural services to other companies. All fields are equipped with modern irrigation system, which means that the production does not depend on unfavorable climatic conditions associated with periods of drought.

Our main base is in the village of Tsalapitsa, municipality Rhodopi, region Plovdiv.